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FB is ahead of the trends in marketing, and it was FB who implemented video format in the social media for the first time. If you want to get more customers and increase sales, you should invest in the video format. Facebook video views are just what any successful marketer needs.

But in most cases all the attempts turn out to be a waste of time. There are a couple of reasons, and one of the major ones – views cancellation. FB improves the algorithms to distinguish real views from the fake ones.

Naturally, the price for them started growing. At the same time a lot of small companies appeared, who offered cheap views of bad qualities. It is clear that the reliable and safe platform where you can buy real, bot-free views, is what you need for efficient promotion.

Cheap Facebook Video Views the platform, which helps to increase the amount of views, and has the best balance of price and quality. Furthermore, the platform is absolutely safe, as far no bots and fakes are used, only real ones.

All the FB rules are followed, so the risk of account blocking is close to zero. It is an important point, as far as the algorithms become more and more sophisticated, trying to prevent people from using bots.

If you are using, this point does not apply to you, simply because we involve only real people in the process.

The platform is safe and legitimate as far we refused from using bots and fakes. We provide the best service with the fair pricing - come on and check it out!

Safe And Legitimate Views

GEO-targeted Facebook Views

Reasons to get country-targeted views
  1. More engaged audience. Everybody knows that Facebook tracks users GEO-location and ranks your video based on it. In other words, if your audience is from the UK, then your video will become popular in this country

  2. Drive more conversions. Promote your advertisement directly to your audience. It matters especially if it's a country specific offer.

  3. Go viral. Use GEO-targeted Facebook views to increase popularity of your video in selected countries. Select region where your video isn't yet popular. Probably your video will gain more popularity and become viral.
On our platform you can select a GEO among 200+ countries. Ask your manager to get to know in which countries we have the most views. Choose a country that suits you best and make an order.

How Many Video Views on Facebook Do I Need?

Count of views is a social proof that encourages others to view your videos as well. The more views your video has, the more viewers you will attract.

Tube.Biz provides up to 8 million views daily. We provide Facebook views worldwide: more than 200 countries.

Select the required quantity, targeted countries and make an order!

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